F U N    U N I Q U E    I N N O V A T I V E    I N S P I R I N G

wedding spoonsHello!!

Congratulations on your engagement! What a beautiful and exciting time….and also a little stressful trying to organise so much. Taking the time to choose the right celebrant means that you can completely relax about the ceremony and enjoy the day without having to worry.

I am a Civil Celebrant based in Mudgee, offering bespoke ceremonies for weddings, civil unions, commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows. Working throughout NSW in both rural areas and city based locations (Sydney)

Each and every time I am asked to be part of a ceremony I feel an overwhelming sense of honour and privelege. Lets face it – without the ceremony its just one big expensive party!!

To be involved in the happiness, love, excitement and fulfillment of someone else’s special day is . I put a LOT of effort into writing my ceremonies because we only get one chance – it HAS to be perfect as it’s not like a movie – we don’t get a second “take”

With sincerity, flexibility, commitment and an open mind, my passion lies in working together with you to create not just ‘another ceremony’……but the perfect ceremony. A ceremony created just for you Whether it is a wedding, a renewal of vows or a commitment ceremony, it is essential that it captures and embodies your own personal beliefs, traditions, and above all, your personalities.

Choosing the right celebrant is a very important decision, and also a very personal choice. It’s certainly not something you should rush in to. You need to make sure you pick some one who enjoys what they do – and I LOVE being a celebrant!

Not only does a celebrant take care of the formalities, they are are also a key part to setting the tone of your entire ceremony

There is a lot more involved than just finding someone who is available.  Anyone can pick up a microphone but not many people are fabulous public speakers who can truly engage a crowd of people and make each and every one of them feel part of something special.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are endless.” – Mother Theresa ( 1910-1997)